There are quite a few different techniques used within the chiropractic profession. Many laypersons often incorrectly assume that there are different techniques designed to address specific conditions. For example, I have been asked over the years, by certain patients, to administer the same adjustment that I had performed on them at a previous visit. These patients believed that a specific technique was responsible for removing their indigestion, sinusitis or other equally annoying conditions.

It’s important that patients and laypersons understand that techniques are simply the tools that a chiropractor uses to correct subluxations within their spines. The subluxation is what a chiropractor must focus on finding. Through the application of a carefully selected technique package; the practitioner is able to aid the body in correcting a potentially devastating condition that robs the human physiology of its natural ability to be healthy.

Some patients present unique anatomical challenges for practitioners. In certain situations, a patient might not be able to turn his head in a certain direction or he might be unable to assume a certain position on the adjusting table. It is therefore necessary for chiropractors to know a wide variety of techniques in order to be able to accommodate the patients that enter the office setting.

Keep in mind that there is not a special technique that chiropractors use to treat certain conditions in the body. There are however, a rather large number of dependable techniques that are very successful in correcting the one and only problem that traditional chiropractors address – the vertebral subluxation!


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