Pregnancy and Chiropractic

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is very common for medical doctors to treat her as if she had a disease. Allopathic practitioners regularly attach a diagnosis code in the patient’s chart and proceed to treat the condition of pregnancy as a sickness. Insurance products often cover the condition of pregnancy and so there are naturally many procedures and medical protocols routinely billed to a patient over a nine month period of time.

Just about any other animal on our planet is capable of delivering its offspring in a natural environment without a group of medical specialists standing around a birthing table. Some animals routinely birth an entire litter of offspring at the same time without any complications. A horse, cow, giraffe and countless other examples could be cited to demonstrate that the birthing process is not a disease but rather a natural process within nature that has been artificially complicated by traditional medicine when it comes to human beings.

If it makes good sense to get your spine checked for vertebral subluxations when you are not pregnant, it would logically make good sense to get your spine checked when you are pregnant. It is perfectly safe for women to receive chiropractic adjustments while being pregnant.

There are many ways to modify adjusting techniques through the various stages of a woman’s pregnancy and women should take full advantage of getting under chiropractic care during this important time in their lives.

Ideally, you always want your body functioning at its full potential. In the case of pregnancy, when a child is forming and growing, it is especially important for a woman’s body to be operating as efficiently as possible.


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