Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain as well as many other symptomatic conditions that can make the life of a patient less comfortable are not the professional focal points for traditional chiropractors. Traditional chiropractic has only one objective which is to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations in a person’s spinal column. The rationale for doing this is simply explained by reiterating the fact that a subluxation can create a type of interference within a person’s nervous system which can impede that individual’s overall health.

Regardless of whether or not patients have specific conditions challenging them, they are always better off without the presence of vertebral subluxations in their spines. Subluxations are capable of inhibiting the full expression of health in any individual. Many traditional healthcare objectives focus exclusively on treating specific conditions/symptoms that afflict members of society. Traditional chiropractic recognizes the inherent recuperative abilities of living beings and works in harmony with those healing capabilities. While it is true that patients occasionally report to their doctors that symptoms are alleviated after starting a program of chiropractic care, it is important laypersons understand that conditions of sickness and disease have many causes that are not directly attributable to vertebral subluxations.

Traditional chiropractic does not attempt to deliver individual cures for specific ailments but instead looks to remove a type of interference, from the nervous system, which inhibits the body’s inborn ability to maintain its own health naturally.

The problem with thinking of chiropractic care as a “mechanical aspirin” is that many spinal subluxations do not produce pain or other noticeable symptoms. There are many instances where patients are subluxated and not aware of what is taking place inside their bodies.

In my professional opinion, there has never been a situation where a person directly benefited from the presence of vertebral subluxations in his or her spinal column. The vertebral subluxation, always and without exception, presents a challenge for the human body to be able to adapt to its ever changing environment.

Keep in mind that traditional chiropractic can help correct spinal subluxations when detected in a particular patient. On the other hand, the presence or absence of a patient’s neck or back pain is considered irrelevant by the focused, traditional chiropractor.


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