Frequency of Care

It is a common practice for most people to visit a healthcare professional when they become sick. In reality, most healthcare professionals are actually sickness care specialists and not healthcare professionals because they do not see their patients when they are healthy. Allopathic/medical practitioners specialize in treating people who are suffering from ailments and not individuals that are looking to maintain a state of optimal health.

Doctors of chiropractic are true healthcare specialists because they routinely see their patients when they are feeling good and not exhibiting symptoms or active disease processes. One of the most difficult concepts for laypersons to grasp is the fact that many chiropractic patients regularly visit chiropractors when they are feeling absolutely fine.

Subluxations (spinal misalignments) that often occur in the human spine, for the most part, do not cause noticeable symptoms or discomfort. Patients cannot always tell if they have one or more subluxated vertebrae in their spines unless they get checked by a qualified chiropractor.

The frequency of chiropractic care is different for each patient. Every person’s spine is unique and so therefore it is not practical to make a general recommendation about how often someone should see his or her chiropractor. Usually, the frequency of visits for a chiropractic program is determined by how long a patient is able to maintain adequate spinal alignment. Depending on muscle imbalances within the patient’s spinal column, degenerative changes to the vertebrae and of course a lot of other factors, the frequency of care could vary between a couple of visits per week to a couple of visits every few months.

The frequency of care is always based on objective chiropractic findings that are derived from analytical protocols that have been designed to measure the integrity of spinal alignment. The traditional chiropractor never determines the frequency of chiropractic care based on the presence or absence of symptoms that patients may or may not be reporting.


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