Chiropractic Safety

If you listen to some of the misinformation that is delivered through the mainstream media, you might develop the general perception that chiropractic is a dangerous profession. This is not true!

Unfortunately, media campaigns are frequently designed to fool laypersons so that they do not explore the many benefits associated with alternative healthcare philosophies.

Regarding this subject matter, reality is often different than what most people perceive it to be. According to insurance actuaries (people that calculate the level of risk in an insurance policy), the practice of traditional chiropractic is one of the safest healthcare professions in the world. Many doctors of chiropractic pay only a few hundred dollars a year to secure their professional liability policies. On the other side of the coin, many medical healthcare practitioners pay hundreds of thousands of dollars during the course of a single year just so they can have liability coverage.

Many medically backed agencies have disingenuously posed as consumer watch groups. These agencies have repeatedly painted the chiropractic adjustment as a dangerous procedure. Considering that within the last fifty years only a minimal number of patient injuries have been attributed to chiropractic procedures and that insurance premiums for chiropractic liability policies are the lowest of any primary healthcare providers, it is almost laughable that organized medicine is able to continuously suggest that chiropractic is a direct threat to the safety of the American healthcare consumer.

In August of 1987, the American Medical Association, the American College of Radiologists, and the American College of Surgeons were all found guilty of conspiring to eliminate the profession of chiropractic by Federal Judge Susan Getzendanner of the United States District court. (Wilk et al v. AMA et al, No. 90-542 a record of public information) Because traditional medicine, with the help of other organizations, attempted to destroy another competitive healthcare profession, a high level of skepticism should be used by laypersons when reading anti-chiropractic literature that almost always originates from traditional medical sources.

Strangely enough, most people were never made aware of the fact that there was a conspiracy against chiropractic and that organized medicine was responsible for designing the entire plot. It is the common belief of many chiropractors that very heavily funded anti-chiropractic campaigns are still being implemented today, behind the scenes, by organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.


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